Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Art Workshop

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Making the most of your Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat Workshop is very important! You want to make the most of your viewing time, of course, but you also want to be sure you clear the decks for that very special “me” time needed to digest the information your instructor is sharing with you. To get the best results, set aside a schedule for yourself that allows you to view each lesson with a limited amount of distractions.

Your instructor is sharing his or her six week retreat time with  you so that they can help guide you on the subject they are teaching. Reviewing class videos before you create is very helpful! You can take notes, pause the video where you like, and replay segments that are more in depth or new to you. Give yourself that special time to immerse in your viewing time. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa or even a big cold glass of ice tea make for a perfect companion while viewing and listening! Enjoy the process.


At a live retreat, you might sometimes wish that you could spend more time on a particular technique before moving on to a new step. Artful Gathering allows for this necessary exploration time. Practice and application will give you the opportunity to photograph and share your progress as you go along, and you are very welcome, even encouraged to share your progress in your classroom. Your instructor is there to answer project questions and to encourage you, and the classroom atmosphere can be enriching, as well as a great place to connect with like-minded people.


Sharing Photos in Class:

What a wonderful way to grow as an artist! Sharing your progress and your finished works not only provides your instructor with the opportunity to see your progress, but your fellow classmates will enjoy seeing your interpretation of the class projects. Inspiration is contagious, and if you feel comfortable to share, which we hope you do, then proudly share photos of your WIPS (works in progress) and your finished work too!

Computers and Devices:

What ever viewing devices you choose to use, keep in mind that the best device to use are the ones that play videos the best! If you use a device that doesn’t have a lot of memory or speed, or if you don’t have high speed internet, you will likely become very frustrated! Use what you have that works the best.

Headsets and ear buds are great! Pop a set of these on, and the sound will be clear and crisp. For your first run of watching your video segments, quietly observe and take notes. If you like, you can play your video segments a second or third time, with your headset off, and your speakers on. This way, you can create with your instructor, and that is very fun to do!




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