Special Edition DVDs

Romantic Relic Frames, Riki Schumacher

Artful Gathering DVD Series presentations are exactly the same representations as the online version of our classes! You are able to watch up-close and personal as your instructor takes you with them on a fun and exciting creative journey! Each step is carefully thought out in order to help you succeed at learning the techniques, skills, and processes used by professional artists and tradespeople. Our DVDs are not produced in sound stage studios nor are they choreographed with written scripts or filmed with studio videographers. You are literally bench side, one on one, with your art instructor where you will see how they work, where they work, and how real life creating happens! See our sample videos of the artist’s’ presentation previews.

Skills, Knowledge, and Trade Secrets:
Working artists are always developing their craft through new discoveries, exploring new products, experimentation, and by evolving their trade secrets. Years of practice, experience and learning is shared with viewers so that no matter where you live globally, students have access to these amazing creative windows into the art world.

Resource Lists and Materials:
Any resource lists, patterns and materials lists are included with your receipt. Generously shared product recommendations, resources, and supplies can help offset the unnecessary cost of purchasing products and tools that might not be suitable for your projects. In some instances, you will also be able to see where you can purchase supplies or kits that your instructor has assembled for you in order to make access easier for harder to find supplies, and for items that you might not wish to purchase in large quantities.

Your DVD pre-order will reserve your copy before the general release day. Please check the product description for estimated delivery date for pre-orders.

Gifting a Pre-Order DVD?
If you are ‘gifting’ a pre-ordered DVD, you can e-mail a gift graphic to the recipient! Each pre-order DVD receipt includes an e-graphic that you can mail to the recipient.

Artful Gathering DVDs contain copyright material belonging to our instructors. Trade secrets are also generously shared. For this reason, we will e-mail all accompanying materials lists, workshop handouts, photos and patterns with your payment receipts. Redistribution, sharing, copying, or reprinting of these materials is strictly prohibited.

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