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Window to My Heart DVD


Artist: Diane Cook
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime:  6  1/2 hours

Product Description

window to my heartIn this class you will cut, forge and hand form a metal cuff. Then, you’ll begin to add texture to additional pieces of metal, cutting out one or more metal hearts to layer on top of your base.  By simply adding one or two layers of metal onto the top of your cuff, it will allow you to cut a window opening.  You’ll then have the option to fill that window with whatever you desire, such as a special picture, vintage text or a favorite quote, which you will then cover with mica.

These are just some of the things you will be learning in this workshop:

•    How to cut, forge and hand form a base metal cuff
•    Finishing your metal
•    Adding texture to your metal with tools or a torch
•    An easy technique for cutting your metal heart
•    Choosing your picture & options to enhance it
•    How to cut a window in your heart
•    How to add a picture and how to cover it
•    Using cold-join attachment options, such as rivets,
eyelets, washers, micro screws, bolts and nuts
•    Adding wire lacing around the edge of the metal
•    How to add vintage jewelry to your cuff
•    Adding vintage text inside your cuff

*Complete Downloadable Supply List and Template included in your receipt.

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