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Wax + Paper = Wonderful DVD


Artist: Michelle Belto
Producer: A – Zinnia Productions
SKU: 12018
Runtime: 2 hours, 40 min.

Product Description

encausticIn this class you will be able to combine the indulgence of handmade paper, the lure of wax and your favorite mixed media materials while creating a painting that is rich in texture and translucency. Michelle Belto, will share with you her signature techniques for creating the perfect encaustic canvas and painting on these amazing forms with layers of luminous wax.

You will also learn Michelle’s very innovative methods and techniques for creating your own dimensional canvas and wrap it with a variety of papers. Using wax medium and pigmented oil, you will see how these simple materials can create luminous works of art. You will learn various encaustic techniques including wax and oil glazes, dry brush accretions, photo transfer and mark making. Michelle will incorporate information on finding inexpensive tools and equipment, studio set up and working with encaustic painting safely.

Hobbyists and professionals artists will enjoy this workshop as it covers topics relating to artwork issues that Michelle has successfully solved with her special applications and processes. If you are new to encaustic painting, this will be a thorough, but easy to do introduction with fewer specialized materials to purchase.
Students that have taken her live classes remark that, “Michelle is a generous and organized teacher and gives you way more than you would expect and challenges you to use her techniques but create your own work.”

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