value of values

The Value of Values DVD


Artist: Melissa B. Tubbs
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 13390
Runtime: 3 Hours

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Product Description

value of values
If you have admired artwork in pen and ink or in drawing where the image looks so real it feels you like you can just reach out and grab it, then you have already experienced the amazing result of values in art.

Values are the key to making a good work of art great. Understanding how to see shadows and light sources will help you to develop more convincing artwork that adds depth and pop to your drawing and pen and ink work.

Melissa B. Tubbs will take you every step of the way through this exciting visual process which will orientate your understanding of values and how to apply them. This will be accomplished through detailed exercises using pencil and then pen and ink, culminating in the creation of a finished drawing.


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