soul whisper

Soul Whispers DVD


Artist: Tobi Britton
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
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Runtime: 7 Hours

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Product Description

soul whispers

Our Soul Whispers. Your soul has a message for you… do you hear it? If she were standing right in front of you- beautiful, ageless, wise, brave and strong- what would she tell you? What message would she whisper?

On this unique journey, while your hands (and chattering minds) are busy creating these beautiful sun catcher/pendants, our souls can peek out and send us a message! The message might be a special word or phrase that speaks to you, one that comes straight from your heart. Tobi will have a sheet of messages and journaling prompts to help you get started.

Soul Whispers can be for you, a token of love and support for someone struggling, or a way to honor and remember a loved one or just a beautiful sparkling chunk of joy that sends rainbows through your room when the sun catches it! The beauty is, that once you get started, the art begins creating itself and tells you what you need
most to hear.

Tobi’s Techniques include-
- creating the face cab
- Making a silicone mold
- Sculpting a bezel
- Flower sculpting
- Painting, Aging and Distressing
- Gilding
- Micro-coupage
- Free Form Soldering
- Soldering Rhinestones and Embellishments
- Photo Techniques
- Creating a sun catcher mobile and much more


Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.
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