Wired About Bezels DVD


Artist: Tina Feather Souilliard
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 11704
Runtime:  2 hours

Product Description

wired about bezels

Do you know that semi-precious stones have healing properties and precious stones have been used in rituals of many cultures for a variety of mind, spirit, soul and healing work? More and more people are attuning into wearing beautiful art of the earth.

Let’s get fired up and wired up and have a blast creating a beautiful pendant that each time you wear it your friends will say, “wow, you made that? No way.” You’ll be able to say, “Oh yes, I did!”

Join Tina Feather Souilliard for this total comprehensive class about taking a stone and using wire to make a bezel setting (almost like a cage to encase your stone). Then with remaining wire we will embellish your stone to give it your own touch of character.

You will learn (in order) about the following:

- Explanations and Details about the uses of every tool
- Understanding square and ½ round, the gauges and temperament of hard, ½ hard and dead soft.
- Techniques to straightening wire
- Building a template to spot points for wrapping
- Demonstrations on how to twist wire for a more fun dimensional look to your wire using a pin vise
- How to bundle wire tape, or hold with hemostat.
- How to wrap center and secure wraps on the bundle
- How to make a bail with both a bail making pliers and or round nose pliers.
- And then learning wire techniques for making embellishing cork screw shape and spirals to finish.
- Providing further examples of what can be done with the same techniques

wired infoComplete materials list included with this workshop DVD covers all the supplies you need to create the class projects.
Tina offers optional corresponding ready-to-purchase kits.  Info included with materials list.

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