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Getting Plastered DVD


Artist: Diana Mulder
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 11620
Runtime: 3 hours
PDF. Documents Included

Product Description

getting plastered

Over the years, Diana has grown as an artist and discovered a love of texture. This led her to discover using Plaster of Paris in her paintings. The luminosity when painting on plaster is unlike anything she has ever seen and she finds it difficult to pull herself away from the layering process. Diana calls it a push and pull process….with the plaster and the artist taking turns developing the art. It’s about simple expression, a return to playing in the mud.

In this workshop, you can joyfully shut off the noise of your inner critic so that you can let loose in the relaxing and creative atmosphere of my Diana Mulder’s working studio.

You will be making three unique Plaster of Paris paintings using a variety of applications and techniques that will produce beautiful results in your work. Impregnating burlap with multilayers of mixed media applications you’ll soon discover the limitlessness of the results you can achieve.
Diana will teach you:

  • Layering with acrylics paints
  • Cracking plaster
  • Molding, sculpting
  • Sanding, distressing, layering
  • Attaching artwork to substrates
  • Glazing, staining and sewing to your substrate

Diana’s step-by-step approach to teaching can help you gain confidence and experience not only with using Plaster of Paris, but also in experimenting and implementing your own ideas into your artwork.

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