Elements of Basic Beading DVD


Artist: Tina Feather Souilliard
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 11721
Runtime:  2 hours, 40 min.

Product Description

elements of basic beading

How rewarding to create your own style of jewelry, making beautiful jewelry sets to complete your wardrobe or give from the heart as gifts to friends and family.

In addition to learning how to create, assemble, and adorn yourself with your beautiful jewels, after you have mastered the elements, you will not only be making new jewelry but you will be able to repair some of your old favorites hiding in your jewelry box just waiting for you to bring back to life!

Join Tina Feather Souilliard for this total comprehensive class learning everything you need to learn to get started making your beautiful jewelry sets. Over the years there have been so many new and wonderful products that have allowed the opportunity for everyone to create fine jewelry for any occasion. However there are steps and processes to follow to save on re-work, costly errors where you may have to throw away product and start again. Tina’s class is going to not only teach you how to make jewelry but how to make jewelry the right way, without wasting materials, and going through frustration in the process.

Step by step you will learn the follow and in order.

- Explanations and Details about the uses of every tool
- Wire and the uses of various kinds and best practices around choosing and using good wire
- Designing and using a Design Board
- Using Wire Guards, Crimping and Crimp Covers – Adding Clasps
- Using Flat Backs To Embellish pendants, and components
- Polishing Brass and Creating a more three dimensional look to Darker Brass Components
- Opening and Closing Jump rings the correct way to make them sealed perfectly
- Creating your own pendent by adding connector elements to flat metal
- How to use bead stoppers to prevent restringing when elements are missing.

optional kitsComplete materials list included with this workshop DVD covers all the supplies you need to create the class projects.
Tina offers optional corresponding ready-to-purchase kits, info included with your materials list.

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