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Counting Stitches : Introduction to Counted Cross Stitch DVD


Artist: Susan Myers
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 11742
Runtime:  2 hours, 40 min.

Product Description

counting stitches

Do you love the look achieved when artists use vintage needlework in their mixed-media artwork? Bits and scraps, though ravaged by time are being repurposed and brought back to life once again to be admired. What if you could stitch your own? You know, use just the color you want or be able to add your initials and the date to your work.
This workshop will show a beginner everything they need to know to get started stitching. From the fabrics and threads suitable for cross-stitch, learning to read a chart, the basic stitches, and some simple hand sewn finishing techniques (no sewing machine required). Class project is a needlework case with scissors fob and Susan has given you several cover designs from which to choose. As well as providing an alphabet in case you would prefer yours monogramed instead.
You’ll learn some of the tips/techniques and do’s/don’ts involved with counted cross-stitch all while Susan encourages you to not be too intimidated by them. The most important lesson to learn is to enjoy yourself!
Here’s Susan’s take on the workshop, “Sitting in a comfy chair stitching contently for hours (with soda nearby) has been a joyous part of my life. I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce this important, historic pastime to others.”



kit picComplete materials list included with this workshop DVD, generous additional handouts also included. DVD workshop covers all the supplies you need to create the class projects.
Info included with materials list.





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