playing with pictures

Artful Photoshop: Playing with Pictures DVD


Artist: Pamela Huntington
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
Runtime: 4  hours
Plus: pdf. documents included

Product Description

playing with pictures

Something magical happens when you are able to open Adobe Photoshop and begin to look at all the ways you can play with pictures. Whether they are vintage ephemera, your own photography or hand drawn art it is wonderful to be able to create your own digital collages, montages, cards and etc. With a little instruction you will have fun manipulating and altering in a whole new way.

In  last year’s workshop, “Artful Photoshop 2013: A Digital Dream Studio” students had so much fun learning all the basics of layering and using various tools. This year you will continue to use Photoshop to create art, continuing to work with layers but adding more blending modes, and new techniques using filters, levels, curves and shapes. Like last the previous edition, this class will include all the images for the tutorials and Pdf instructions with your DVD package.

Pamela uses Adobe Photoshop CC for the her video demonstrations, but all the Adobe programs CS3, 4, 5, 6 will be fine and she will add tips for Adobe Elements users. She will be working with Photoshop Elements 11 and 12. You will need a good working computer, an Adobe Photoshop program (Adobe Elements included).

You can download a thirty day free trial of one of these Photoshop programs from You will want to install this on your computer before doing your lessons.

Please, be aware, Adobe had changed their platform, and while you can still purchase Adobe Elements Programs as a DVD, the Photoshop program is now called “Creative Cloud”. This is a “download” only program with a monthly fee. One nice thing about the “Creative Cloud” is that the program is updated constantly at no additional charge.

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