petite lapin

Petite Lapin DVD


Artist: Rosemary Frew
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 13301
Runtime: 6 Hours

Product Description

petite lapinRosemary Frew introduces her first session one workshop called Baby Carrot where students learn how to create a bear, some for the very first time. Here in session two, Rosemary presents yet another sweet character that will delight your heart and those you love to make them for.
In Petite Lapin, you will learn how to create your own little Rabbit, a perfect workshop for those students wanting to learn the art of bunny making. You will learn how to insert hardware so the arms and legs are movable. You’ll get the inside scoop on tried and true methods to ensure your little bunny turns out just as he or she should.
In this workshop you will also learn how to wire up the ears using a fail-proof method. There are three options for the ears, Pose-able, standing, and floppy.
You will also learn how to color your bunny to give depth to its being. You can either sew by hand or by sewing machine – this Petite Lapin doesn’t mind which you choose. Join Rosemary for the sweetest ever workshop.


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