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Palette Knife Painting Techniques in Oil DVD


Artist: Sumiyo Toribe
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
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Runtime: 5 Hours, 25 Mins.

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Product Description

palette knife techniques

This class focuses on oil painting using a palette knife technique within 3 different subjects; floral, landscape and portrait.
The class begins with floral studies using small canvases. For more challenging projects, a triptych (3 small canvases) and diptych (2 medium canvases) are introduced for exploration of composition. The lessons are:

• Surface preparation
• Variety of mark-making
• Contrasting foreground and background value and color
• Scraping vs. impasto strokes for pedals
• Correcting mistakes and finding solutions
• Multiple canvas exploration

Each Landscape project emphasizes specific palette knife techniques:

• Layering
• Scraping
• Blending
• Pointillism

Portrait projects emphasize the following key points:

• How to sketch on the surface
• How to mix skin tones
• How to create facial features
• How to make bold strokes for silky looking hair
• How to create texture for furry stuffed animals
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