fear of fire

Overcoming the Fear of Fire DVD


Artist: Riki Schumacher
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 7678
Runtime: 60 min

Product Description

Fear of FireIn this workshop Riki Schumacher will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to light these torches, and the basics on how to operate them. She will show you what gases she prefers to work with. Also covered will be which torch is best for which purpose, as well as how to fill them, light them and some safety issues.  Riki’s wish is that by the end of this workshop, you will know which torch is best for your use.

What can you create with these kinds of torches? How can learning about heat add to your jewelry skills? Here are just a few things you can do with these tools, and the skill to use them.

In this workshop Riki will demonstrate these techniques, and help you determine which torch is best for your needs:

  •  attaching metal to metal
  • attaching jump rings to metal
  • soldering jump rings
  • ball up wire for earrings or headpins
  • ball up wire to finish off bracelets
  • anneal metal to soften for shaping
  • floating solder on metal

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