nontraditional watercolor

Nontraditional Watercolor DVD


Artist: Sumiyo Toribe
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
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Runtime: 6 Hours, 44 Mins.

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Product Description

nontraditional watercolor

This class focuses using nontraditional watercolor colors like black (sumi ink) and white (paint), and also introduces the wide use of masking fluid to save the white of the paper.

Part 1: Sumi ink exploration

  • The class begins with a small format sumi ink value study and the layering colors.
  • After experiencing separate value and color, the next project shows how to use sumi ink and watercolor at the same time.
  • A medium sized format is used for more detail.

Part 2: White paint splashes and Masking fluid

  • The winter-scape is explored with both masking and splashes of white paint for the impression of a snowy scene.
  • The Floral study emphasizes the use of both masking fluid and white paint. The white paint splashes create the liveliness of a plant’s living energy and movement. Masking defines foreground flowers from the abstract washes of the background.
  • As a challenge, the introduction of a variety of paper sizes can be used for the floral study.

Part 3: Large format diptych paintings
This section exposes students to large format watercolor action paintings.
Techniques include:

  •   Variety of mark-making • Layering
  • Wet on wet
  • Wet on dry
  • Scrape out
  • Lift out
  • Dry brush
  • Splashing
  • White ground medium
  • Saving white of the paper
  • Dripping
  • Rolling brush


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