Narrative Thinking Through Collage DVD


Artist: Jodi Magi
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
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Runtime:  3 Hours

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Product Description

narrative thinking

Stories can change our worlds, and in Narrative Thinking Through Collage, you will learn how to translate stories into visual artworks which can be read like a book.

To bring your stories to life, I will demonstrate idea generation strategies as well as three distinct paper collage techniques which don’t require any prior art experience – just a love of telling and reading a good tale.

This workshop teaches a conceptual approach to art through ‘narrative’; both interpreting and telling. This approach can then be applied to any artistic medium you wish to explore in the future such as drawing, painting, digital art or collage, and can form the foundation of a lifelong love affair with visual narrative.

Though ‘narrative art’ is the lens through which the images are viewed, you will also learn three completely different collage techniques which you can then go on to explore and adapt to whatever purpose you feel like – whether it be narrative, decorative or even abstract art.
The first technique is ‘paper mosaic’, which focuses on color, rhythm and simple shapes created by ripping used magazine images.

The second technique is ‘mixed media editorial illustration’ which includes an abstract painted background and a foreground scene created through textures and colors sourced in used magazines. In this section I will also show you how to illustrate a narrative image using painted, cut and glued shapes to create characters and scenery.

The third technique is a ‘surreal approach’ to collage whereby the story naturally unfolds in response to the images you choose to include.
In short, this workshop is a multi-layered, flexible, accessible and fun journey into how to create beautiful images which can tell stories.


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