modern medieval charmer

Modern Medieval Charmer DVD


Artist: Tina Feather Souilliard
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 13463
Runtime: 4 Hours

Product Description

modern medieval charmer

Join Tina in this in depth workshop where you will learn how to roll out fine silver art clay, mold and fire as in the days of alchemy, and then polish to a fine glow and patina to accent. Then, going back to the days of knights of the realm Tina will teach you, link by link, how to make a byzantine chain just like the way armor was made in the medieval times to add your charms. Along with this modern art process that has been around for only 15+ years, you will be introduced to the lessons needed to make your own chain.

This class is a basic class to get you started in a full comprehensive understanding of working with .999 fine silver clay, to make the finest and most modern silversmith-like pieces with the limited work, toxins, and time.

This comprehensive class will teach you everything you need to get started and be successful in creating charms and pendant pieces through an at home torch firing process, then link by link make a chain.

This workshop introduces:
-History of fine silver clay, how it came about and types available (for the purpose of this class Tina uses her favorite art clay)

-Tools and techniques required to quickly roll, mold, and cut in a short period of time to prevent drying, cracking, and wasting materials

You will learn how to master the following:

-How to mold, what to use to mold, and how to make holes to attach rings to charms and pendants
-How to use common household items as alternatives to more expensive tools and objects
-What type of torch to use, set up, filling and use of torch
-Multiple ways to fire the clay and how to know that you have done it correctly
-Brief touch on Kiln Firing. (Kiln is not required for this class but if one wants to proceed with higher level art in this medium this is a great introduction)
-Demonstrations on over firing your pieces (trial and error)
-What to do with errors and waist of your clay
-How to quench, finish polish and patina
-How to stamp letters if you so desire
-How to open jump rings, link together and make a byzantine patterned chain
-How to attach a clasp and charms
-Plus, there will be a fun bonus portion

Please be sure to check your e-mail purchase receipt for file attachments containing your materials and supply list, and any handouts provided with this workshop DVD.

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