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Artful Photoshop: A Digital Dream Studio DVD


Artist: Pamela Huntington
Producer: A to Zinnia Productions
SKU: 8975
Runtime: 3  hours 30 min
Plus: pdf. documents and images for each lesson

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Product Description

artful photoshopDid you know that your computer is a wonderful art tool? It really holds a treasure chest of goodies just waiting to be discovered. The Adobe Photoshop programs are designed to help you unlock all those art treasures.

With this program and a little instruction you can easily learn to manipulate, alter and collage images with amazing results. In this class we will use the Photoshop program to create digital collages, by learning the basics of layers, blending modes, using brushes, basic typography and more. And Photoshop is not difficult to learn with these easy paced lessons.

Included with this workshop are written pdfs. and all the images needed for the class and to use in your own artwork after the class.

For this class you will need a good working knowledge of your computer and an Adobe Photoshop program.
If you do not have an Adobe Photoshop Program, you can download a thirty day free trial of one of these Photoshop programs from You will want to install this on your computer before the class.

Pamela teaches this class with Adobe Photoshop CS6, but she will provide instructions for Elements in the PDFs. and she will also be presenting her oral instructions in her video demonstrations.

*All documentation is included on the discs, including images, text lessons, and video guided lessons.

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