Paul Cristian Cordos


Paul Cristian Cordos is a self taught wire artist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

He crafted his first wire pieces in 2002 and in 2011 founded Art Bending Studio. He started as a wire bender and street artist on the streets of Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Vienna and Paris. He gained national recognition as a wire artist a few years later after being invited to write articles and give interviews to several online and printed magazines, but also TV shows appearances.

To this day he has manufactured more than ten thousand wire pieces and art installations. His art has sold in Europe, Asia and U.S.A. In Romania he is considered a wire art pioneer, his art is a source of inspiration for many wire artists from all over the world.

Art Bending is all about minimalism, the philosophy is: soulful wire art for all. For more info visit:
artist portfolio




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