Michelle Lafontaine

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michelle selfieCreative Soul looking for more expression…. That’s how it began.
With a lifelong passion for all aspects of design, it was only natural that Michelle would eventually find her way to designing jewelry.

Even as a child Michelle Lafontaine had a keen interest in design details, from jewelry to fashion to architecture, which eventually led to her pursuing a career in interior design. Her design practice currently includes designing both residential and commercial interiors. Always up for new challenges, Michelle discovered she also loved teaching the next generation of designers, developing a co-career as an educator alongside her professional interior design practice. Her strength in working out small details and combining materials, textures and color were a natural fit for jewelry design. Eventually, the desire to create jewelry could no longer be ignored, and another immensely enjoyable creative outlet was born.

As a self-taught jewelry designer, Michelle has felt free to explore different materials with wild abandon, learning the more technical aspects of jewelry design along the way. Keeping true to her modern organic style was important to Michelle, but other than that she set no boundaries as she experimented with different techniques and materials. A multitude of different materials, from bronze, silver, raw gemstones, clay, lampwork glass and oddball objects, find their way into her one of a kind pieces.

Most important to Michelle is to retain a sense of spontaneity in her work, to let each piece express itself without overthinking or overworking it, and let intuition more than reason guide the process. She often uses folds and curves to give a sense of movement, adding whatever texture, pattern, or color combination seems right. She sees perfection in the imperfection of natural and man-made materials to create pieces that embody that earthy natural elegance. More than anything she loves the look and feel of pieces that embody the patina of age – pieces that seem to have a history and a story to tell.

Michelle’s jewelry can be found in her ETSY shop, Mangled Mutt Studios.

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