Mary Jane Chadbourne

mary janeMary Jane is primarily a self taught artist who has spent decades working in a myriad of artistic forms. She has a passion for bright, vivid colors, textures and metals. She is known for creating one of a kind art pieces that are thoughtfully incepted with meaningful themes which evoke words and symbols as messages in her work. She currently works in mixed media with a primary focus in collage, one of her favorite mediums. She has also worked in pen and ink drawings, mosaics, clay and painting.
Originally from New York, Mary Jane now resides in the desert southwest. Her artistic vision is constantly inspired by the intense colors of the sunrises and sunsets and the vibrant landscapes of the desert.
Mary Jane has taught workshops and teaching is one of the things she gets the most pleasure from! Sharing her techniques and experience with others is something she values immensely. She also enjoys donating her artwork for fund raising art auctions in her community to help raise funds for many deserving and needy charities.
Her work has been exhibited in art galleries in Las Vegas and Utah. She is published in “The Art of Crayon” by Lorraine Bell and will be released in the summer of 2016.

“Art for me is a way to tell a story, relay a message and to evoke a feeling in the observer.  Combining different mediums, utilizing symbols, signs and words allows me the freedom to explore and to interpret and assemble imagery which takes new forms and meanings.  I prefer the viewer to be inspired and to use their own imagination to what my artwork is saying to them.”



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