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selfieMadeleine de Kemp is a self-taught mixed media artist who knew a rather late start in making art.

It wasn’t until she was over fifty when she finally ‘allowed’ herself to do so, as she calls it herself. Before that her working career went in different directions. After studying French and working for a French bank, she owned a boutique in Amsterdam, worked as a receptionist and secretary, and as marketing assistant for an international company. During the last eight years she has been working as a caterer, cooking and serving Mediterranean food, and as (for 1 year in between ) a co-owner of a deli in Amsterdam. Above all, for the past 19 years, has she been a mother of 2 wonderful daughters.

All these years she never found the time and never considered herself good enough to make art. At the age of 51 she discovered the world of ‘Zentangles’, and soon after that the magic of mixed media; she has been hooked ever since. Her interests include mixed media painting & collage, drawing & doodling, writing and, above all, art journaling.

In her hometown Hilversum, she teaches several mixed media & art journaling workshops. She sells her art and handmade art supplies thru her Etsy shop and on her own website.
Currently she’s working on a new series of online (Dutch) art zines, with mixed media tips & techniques.

Madeleine’s art is very colorful and happy. For her art journaling she enjoys painting her own papers and making handmade stamps & stencils. Her favourite media: acrylic paints, paint pens, colored pencils and spray inks. Being a true ‘magazine addict’, she loves to recycle her old magazines into her art journals and mixed media art.

Now she says:
“Making art and art journaling has made me so happy and my life so much richer, that I’d love to share this with other people. All around me I hear people say that they’re ‘not creative at all’, or they do not have time to make art although they’d love to , and all other excuses that I made myself in the past.”
That’s why she decided to focus on art teaching and spreading the fun of making art.

With her husband and two daughters, plus a very spoiled dog and cat, Madeleine lives in Hilversum, in the centre of The Netherlands.

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