Madeleine de Kemp

madeleineMadeleine de Kemp is a selftaught mixed media artist, living in Hilversum, The Netherlands, with her family.
Her artistic career only started a few years ago, when she discovered the amazing universe of mixed media art.

Since then she has been captured by all sorts of art making, but her favorite things are art journaling, playing with collage and paint, and doodling !

Her art is very colorful, whimsical & happy. Madeleine likes to make my her own tools & materials, like handmade stamps and stencils. She uses lots of recycled stuff, most of all old magazines and 2nd hands books for collaging.

Last year she taught her first online video workshop for Artful Gathering. (Magazine Magic). In her hometown Hilversum (Netherlands) she organizes workshops around art journaling & other mixed media topics. Currently she is working on a series of small e-books on different mini art projects.

Madeleine is selling her art and handmade art supplies for your art making in her Etsy shop. You can visit the artist at:

Her favourite quote is by Roald Dahl: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ”

She says: “When you make art, you suddenly start looking at the world in a different way, you discover more , see the little details, enjoy the little things of everyday life. You see the magic in everything around you !
In fact, everybody nowadays is talking about mindfulness and the need to slow down, do yoga courses….And of course there’s nothing wrong with all that.
But taking just a little time every day to create something, will give you the same effect, believe me! ”


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