Judy Porter

judyIt’s been an award winning year for Judy Porter Dolls with little ten inch resin, Ginger earning a Diamond Award. Judy has won awards since her first resin in 2012. Having been a caricature artist for over thirty years now, the artist has drawn since she could hold a crayon. The favorite has always been drawings of people. So it was a natural progression into sculpting. Again having drawn mostly children in her caricature work the dolls created are very childlike.

“Living in a very rural farming area it is very exciting to have the opportunity to teach students from all over the world. Add to that my dolls have been shipped to countries I have never visited. How wonderful the internet has opened the whole world to us!” the artist has been quoted as saying.

Awards aside, the real joy for any artist is the collectors. It’s a connection more on a friendship level, the common interest being a love of dolls. Online classes give everyone who wants to learn this skill, the opportunity to learn. Artists not only get to share but learn from student work. We hope you will join Judy in all the fun of creating a Whimsical Art Doll. Remember Judy has been a professional caricature artist for years, so there very likely will be some humorous moments. “I believe art should be fun. Even the mistakes can offer a laugh or two” says Judy.

Come join the fun while you learn some new skills that give you a lifetime of creative enjoyment!



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