Jeanne Draachreider

jeanWhen I tell people I’m an artist they often ask me “what type of art do you do?” and I’m lost for a simple answer each time. How do you describe “mixed media” to someone? It can cover such a wide variety of art and mediums. To some mixed media is nailing branches to canvas, throwing on some paint and calling it art. And it certainly can be. My own mixed media style covers such a wide range, and I’m always adding new techniques, so there isn’t an easy explanation for my work. I have always played around with art in some form or another since I was a kid, and tried just about every discipline in all the years from childhood and into my retirement …watercolor, oil painting, carving, art quilts, digital art, macramé, beading, weaving, metal work, ceramics,stained glass, fused glass, candlewicking…and the list goes on. I find I love working with digital images, as well as hands-on, to design something unique.

In my early college years I studied Art History and fine art and have an AA degree in art. I can say it laid the ground work for understanding color, value, and exposed me to many forms of art, but as for actual training, I’m somewhat self-taught. That is, I take lots of on-line classes, do lots of tutorials, and get involved in groups such as Artful Gathering and Roses on my Table.

I also do digital art and I’m on the creative team for a wonderful designer. Two of my digital images will be published with Somerset Digital Studio magazine in March 2016. I was previously on the creative team for Alpha Stamps.

I was born in Oregon but I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and see a lot of the world. I’ve lived in, or traveled through, all but five of the States. I lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years and visited countries in the Middle East and Europe. I remember in high school we were studying the Parthenon and I had such a heavy heart. Life simply wasn’t fair! Here I wanted to see the great Parthenon and temples of Greece and how would I, a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks, ever achieve such a dream? Well, dreams do come true. Never give up on them because you never know what life has in store for you. I currently reside in Washington State with my husband Bob (I’ve dubbed him my technical assistant), and our two rescue dogs Bo and Rocksie. Blog:

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