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Artful Gathering 2015 Early Bird Registration is Now Open

Artful Gathering 2015 marks our fifth year in presenting our online art retreat classroom experiences. Won’t you join us for another amazing new year of artistry, creativity, and community.

Your enrollment to attend our 2015 event includes a $5 enrollment and registration fee. Please click here to begin, or click the “Attend” button below. Remember to follow the enrollment steps so that your access to our private event website can be activated on May 1, 2015.

Important dates to remember:

January 1, 2015: Early bird enrollment opens

February 30, 2015: Workshop Schedule Announcements Released

May 1, 2015: Workshop Registration Opens for Session One and Two

June 6, 2015: Session One Begins

July 16, 2015: Session Two Begins

July 17, 2015: Session One Concludes

August 26, 2015: Session Two Concludes

November 30, 2015: In Session Student DVD Orders Ship

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Policies & Info : Click on Menu below:

  • General Admission Fee

    General admission to each annual Artful Gathering Online Retreat event is $5. Your admission fee includes entrance to the Artful Gathering online event. With general admission, you can participate in all of our sponsor related activities and contests, and you will be included in all our retreat news and information. Enrollment to the event does not include tuition or the cost of supplies and materials.

  • Workshop Tuition

    Artful Gathering online video workshop tuition ranges in price depending on several factors, which include availability of the instructor, depth of the workshop, and content. Typical rates are from $45 to $150. Our workshop descriptions include the general details of the class outline, and a general materials and supply list. More in-depth supply lists are often provided inside the workshop classroom with helpful links to online supply stores that may carry the harder to find items. Supplies and kits are not included in the tuition and offered by some instructors as an optional purchase.

  • Class Duration

    While a physical art retreat workshop may last a day or two, an Artful Gathering workshop allows for SIX whole weeks with your workshop materials and your instructor. During these six weeks you can go at your own pace, interact with your retreat mates, and you can ask your instructors questions. All video content and materials are accessible on the first day of class, 24/7. Videos are not downloable .  Our classes conclude after six weeks, and our event closes on August 26.

  • Workshop Video Duration

    The minimum duration for our classes is 90 minutes of complete video time and up to 6 hours.. Much depends on the instructor’s teaching style and the depth of the workshop. (please read workshop descriptions for details).

  • Dvds

    The Dvd version of the online class(s) you are taking will be available to you for purchase, and sold separately as an add on to your online class. The Dvd version of your workshop is not intended to replace the experience of taking an online video workshop with your instructor in a classroom setting. Because we do recognize that many students would like the option to also purchase the Dvd version of the online video version, we make every effort to deliver this option, and at a big savings to participating students. Dvd releases to the general public (those who are not taking the online version) are not available for at least six months after the event concludes, at which time they will retail at full price. Participating student add on prices start $30 for a single dvd.

  • Kits

    As a convenience, some instructors will offer kits which can be purchased at an extra cost and while supplies last. Every class comes with a full and detailed materials list.

  • Classroom Participation

    To get the most out of your online class, we encourage you to use the classroom features to post photos of your work. This gives your instructor an opportunity to see your progress, and to make comments or suggestions. Of course you do not have to partake in class discussions, but you are very welcome to!

  • Your Instructor/Communication

    Your instructor has created their workshop presentation with you in mind. If you need help with a particular concept or step, feel free to ask questions and to post your photos inside your classroom. Instructors will typically respond within a 24 hour period, and with time zones being different, you might receive responses at different hours. Be sure to check your e-mail and your spam/junk folders for correspondences from your classroom. We don’t want you to miss our newsletters, or messages from classmates and your instructor.

  • Copyrights and Considerations

    The Artful Gathering venue and it’s content, materials, procedures and orientations are the property of Cristina Zinnia Galliher, A – Zinnia Productions. Use of any of the Artful Gathering network materials, network ideas, layout or content is inappropriate without the express consent of Cristina Zinnia Galliher, A – Zinnia Productions. All course materials and concepts are the property of the instructors who teach at Artful Gathering events and may not be shared, copied, or distributed in any manor. DVD content is the copyright of the presenting artist.

  • Solicitation or Spamming or Sharing

    Under any circumstances it is not acceptable to send messages within the site that solicit any service or product and will be grounds for removal from our event. Each workshop attendee may use ONE e-mail address for class long in and API. Sharing will result in immediate removal. Artful Gathering will NEVER ask you for passwords or personal information.

  • Technical Help

    While Artful Gathering does not provide technical support, we do everything within our means to answer basic questions and to assist our guests with suggestions and guidance. Please be sure to e-mail us: info@artfulgathering.

  • Refunds

    Refunds can be rendered anytime BEFORE the workshop begins. Once classroom access is activated, refunds are no longer available.

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