Register to Attend 2016

Included with your annual $5 Registration to Attend 2016

Access to our private event website May through August.
Access to all door prizes offered May – August.
Participation in any of our sponsor related activities May – August.
Access to mini promotional video tutorials May – August.
Access to all workshop descriptions and check-out for workshop enrollment May – August.

After Paypal check-out, it is very important to wait 10 seconds for your internet browser to redirect you to : where you must create your attendee user account. *If you are returning attendee, please do not create a new attendee account after you check-out payment.

*Workshop tuition, optional kits, materials lists, and optional DVD offerings not included with $5 attendance fee.

Artful Gathering is a Private Online Event

Artful Gathering’ presents our events on a private network website. After you register your $5 payment, you will be redirected automatically to Artful Gathering event presentations are not shared in off site public or private groups such as Facebook, Yahoo, or Blogger. We administer our events single-handedly and take great pride in creating our own destination gathering place for all our attendees to enjoy. Each year’s event is completely different than our previous year, and our platform is always updated to reflect new technology and navigation while still maintaining the privacy and integrity of our classrooms and our member activity.




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