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BRING YOUR WINGS_edited-1We are currently in the production phase of Artful Gathering 2016. This is an exciting time when Artful Instructors and the Artful Gathering Team are busy behind the scenes planning and preparing unique art workshops and activities just for you! The many of months of back stage collaboration are what makes Artful Gathering so very special.  We organize our events exclusively for you to enjoy online so that when you spend your time with us all you need to do is CREATE with us as you learn, share and grow.

We are not commercially centered on art supplies or products. Our aim is for you to learn and enjoy the creative process, one-on-one with your Artful Instructors. We believe that to be great at what you do, you need the freedom to make the creative choices that every artist and aspiring artist should make.  We want to see you take those creative wings of yours and fly.

Artful Instructors will show you how they do their best work so you can do your best work.

Artful Gathering 2016 marks our 6th presentation! Each year we are so delighted to greet new and returning attendees. We love that you have chosen us to be your go-to art retreat. No matter where you live, no matter what your favorite art genres are, we are so happy to have you spend your time with us!

Artful Gathering is a private online event. Registration to attend our online event is an annual fee $5.

Included with your $5 Registration to Attend 2016

click to attend_edited-1Access to our private event website beginning May – August.
Access to all door prizes May – August.
Participation in any of our sponsor related activities May – August.
Access to video tutorials May – August.
Access to all workshop information and check-out for workshop enrollment May – August.

*Workshop tuition, optional kits, materials lists, and optional DVD offerings not included with $5 attendance fee.

Workshop Registration Opens

May 1 st, 2016

Session One 

Begins, June 6.
Concludes, July 17

Session Two

Begins, July 16 .
Concludes, August 26

Event Conclusion

August 26, 2016


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