Debby Anderson

debbyDebby Anderson is a self-taught metal smith, jewelry designer and mixed media artist. She works from her home studio in San Francisco, California.

Debby started her company, “Romancing the Bling” seven years ago with a focus towards jewelry design. Her beautifully ornate handcrafted pieces have been published in the prestigious Jewelry Affaire magazine and have also been featured on the “Today Show.”

Debby teaches jewelry workshops in the Bay Area and across the United States, as well as popular artist retreats hosted by Vivi Magoo (Texas & Tucson) and BABE (Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) held in Oakland, California. Debby is on faculty with Artful Gathering Online Retreats and offers two online workshops each year. She has three DVD workshops available to students.

Debby’s intricate, feminine designs are truly distinct. They are influenced by various time periods in history ranging from the Renaissance era through Art Deco. She has an affinity for incorporating religious icons, whimsical French collage, inspirational quotes and sparkling gems into her work.

Most of her components begin as objects found at flea markets, antique shops and rummage sales. These “found” vintage pieces are then re-purposed by deconstructing and combining the pieces as well as altering the original finishes to form unique configurations.

All of Debby’s original creations are developed organically without sketches or the use of computer aided design programs, each piece taking on its own identity as she works through each and every step of the design. Her elegant, sophisticated designs are not complete until the back is as pretty as the front!

Debby’s product line, Vintage Romance have also been sold in Michaels stores. Visit at



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