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BONNETS AND BEAUSArtful Presenters on DVD!

Meet the amazing Artful Gathering presenters who have shared their inspiration, knowledge and passion with us as Artful Event Instructors. Our annual workshop presentations are so unique because contained in every project is the artist’s own creative insights and unique perspectives over a wide range of mixed media and traditional art genres. As they share their joy with you they are inviting you to join them on an unscripted creative journey where you will have a table-side view of the projects and techniques they are sharing, in fully detailed instruction.

The freedom to create, to imagine, and to be your own artist, is a dream right within your grasp. How is this possible? Because every Artful Instructor knows what it means to be a student, to be a work in progress. As artists, they are always excited to learn new things and teach new ideas and fresh approaches.

We have commemorated their Artful Gathering Workshop Presentations on DVD so you can refer to all the many processes and techniques shared in our previous event workshops. Even more wonderful than all this, you’ll be where you are most at home to review and create—your own home studio!

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debbyDebby Anderson is a self-taught jewelry designer who works out of her home studio in San Francisco, California. Debby began her design career approximately 4 years ago with the creation of her jewelry business, Romancing the Bling. Debby’s beautiful, ornate and handcrafted jewelry has been published in the prestigious Jewelry Affaire magazine and has also been featured on the nationally televised Today Show.Debby teaches jewelry workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and within the US, as well as making guest appearances at industry trade shows and specialty bead shops throughout the United States.
Debby’s intricate and distinctly feminine designs are influenced by the various time periods ranging from the Renaissance era through the Art Deco era. Debby’s designs incorporate religious icons, whimsical French collages, inspirational quotes and sparkling beads and stunning rhinestones. Most jewelry components begin as objects found at flea markets, antique shops or rummage sales. These vintage pieces are then repurposed by altering the finish, adding paint, deconstructing or combining the pieces in unique configurations. All of Debby’s creations are original and developed organically without sketches or the use of computer-aided design programs. Each piece takes on its own identity as Debby works through each step of her designs, therefore telling a continuous story with sophisticated elegance. Her designs are never complete until the back is as pretty as the front.
Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson is her new product line sold exclusively in Michael’s Stores beginning September 2013.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Gilded Relics: The Series, DVD   A Romantic Journey On Canvas, DVD   Romancing the Past, DVD

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michelle belto sample_edited-1
Michelle Belto is an artist, author and educator living and working in South Texas. She holds a BA degree in Education with teaching certifications in Art and Theater and an MA from JFK University in California. Her work as a performer, presenter and visual artist spans more than thirty years, three continents and thirteen publications. She creates her own canvases from hand-made paper and then paints on these amazing forms with layers of molten beeswax. Her contemporary paintings sit on the wall like sculpture. Michelle Belto has exhibited throughout the United States and been a featured performer in numerous national and international venues. She has written and produced several scripts, including Hildegard of Bingen a full length one woman play that she performed throughout the United States and Canada. Visual arts awards include Creative Capital/SA 2008, SA Arts Foundation Grant 2009 finalist, Luminaries 2010, IEA La Vendéenne Award for Education (finalist) 2012. In 2013 Michelle won the prestigious La Vendéenne Award for her work with the International Artists Organization. Michelle Belto teaches nationally and internationally and works as a studio artist. She currently lives in the Texas hill country with her husband and a menagerie of furry creatures.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Wax + Paper = Wonderful, DVD   The Magic of Three: Approaches to Encaustic Painting, DVD
Encaustic Photography: The New Darkroom, DVD  Mask, Robe & Rune, DVD

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lyn belisle
Lyn Belisle is an artist, author, graphic designer and educator who lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. As an undergraduate, she majored in art at Trinity University where she studied with Philip John Evett and Bill Bristow. Her well-known earlier art works, shown in regional and national galleries, were large-scale origami constructions, but after a decade away from the studio teaching technology, she is exploring new directions, particularly with earthenware and paper, often with useful purpose in journal covers and book construction, and lately with mixed media collage and earthenware sculpture. This allows her to combine technology, photography, clay, and studio art. Her blog, SHARDS, chronicles many of her explorations in various media.

Lyn is an award-winning educator whose work as an art teacher with at-risk high school students earned her the Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2003, and two years before that, she was a finalist for Texas Teacher of the Year. Currently, she teaches as an adjunct faculty member in the computer Science Department of Trinity University in San Antonio.

In January of 2013, she founded Lyn Belisle Studio, A Place of Creative Belonging, where she works as Artist-In-Residence and hosts cultural gatherings and workshops. She has written articles for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine on mixed media projects and is currently working on a book about composition and mixed media. Her new passion is capturing faces from old cemeteries and sculpture gardens which are then integrated with paper and organic media. She incorporates them into spirit dolls and other sculptural forms in her many workshops. Lyn is represented by La Vida Gallery and Nueva Street Gallery in San Antonio and Earthen Artisan House in Colorado Springs.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Artful Faces: For Enhancement & Adornment, DVD  Collage on Canvas: Mixed Media Fusion, DVD
Small Worlds: Creating Fantastic Landscapes with Altered Papers, DVD  The Magic of Spirit Dolls, DVD
Mask, Robe & Rune, DVD

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tobi britton

Tobi Britton is a mixed media artist known for her whimsical take on everything she creates. She believes that Art is a powerful vehicle for transformation. She also believes that sparkling is not just a quality that glitter and rhinestones possess, it is something that happens deep within us when we are truly happy. Her art is playful and whimsical, it comes from a magical realm she calls “her sparkle center”.

Working with a wide variety of materials and techniques, Tobi is always coming up with new creative twists on the standard way of doing things. “Sometimes it’s the rebel in me that makes me stray from the usual, and sometimes I figure out a new technique because I can’t find the proper tool I need… so I make up a new way to get it done! Her classes are creative and most of all FUN!! The pixies will make sure of that!

She loves working with metals, beads, fibers and vintage jewelry and repurposing vintage items with her magical, sparkly twist. “I love finding the magic in things and making beautiful art with them.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Creating Sparkly Fairy, Mermaid, and Angel Trees, DVD  Creating Faux Fairy Cakes Plain and Fancy, DVD
Crowning Glory: A Mixed Media Fairytale, DVD  Soul Whispers, DVD  Enchanting Wands, DVD

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mary jane chadbourne

Mary Jane Chadbourne is an accomplished artist who has spent decades working in a myriad of artistic forms. Channeling her passion for color and texture she incorporates a fantasia of materials and imagery in her work. Her work, which is shown in galleries is conceived with meaningful themes which evokes words and symbols as messages in her work. A native New Yorker now living in the West, Mary Jane’s artistic vision is inspired anew by the intense colors and textures of the desert. Mary Jane’s diversity in her work encompasses pen and ink drawings, mosaics, clay, painting, assemblages and altered art. Most recently she has a primary focus in mixed media and collage. She has taught work shops and an online class and loves to teach and share with others.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Metamorphosis Collage Bracelets, DVD  The Spoken Soul: Altered Cards for Daily Inspiration, DVD
House of Cards, DVD  The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll, DVD
Tinytopia and the Magic of Little Things, DVD

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diane cook

Diane Cook has created art since she was 6 years old, but it wasn’t until she attended her first art retreat in Hampton, Virginia, did the artistic life she yearned for suddenly begin. That’s when she discovered dreams really do come true….as now, she is living it!

Her love for using vintage jewelry and components, especially vintage rhinestones in her designs, has become an ever constant source of inspiration. When not teaching and designing jewelry, her love for photography and mixed-media art, constantly keep her preoccupied.

Diane has been published in Belle Armoire Jewelry, Artful Blogging, Somerset Memories, Jewelry Affaire, Marie, Jewelry the zine. You can also find her work in several books, Bead Soup by Lori Anderson, The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer, and in a mixed media art competition book published by North Lights, called Incite, Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media. She was also a contributing artist in Kristen Robinson’s eBook, The Romance of Mixed-Media Jewelry, and was honored to be a Guest Curator for, sharing her story of how Art Saves, in May, 2010.

Diane has joyfully been making art, designing jewelry and sharing her love for teaching full time, since retiring in 2010.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Heart Strings, DVD  Etched and Layered Cuffs, DVD  Window to My Heart, DVD  Drops of Crystal, DVD
Romantic Wrapped Necklace, DVD  On a Wing Cuff, DVD  The Art of Base Metal Etching, DVD

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paulPaul Cristian Cordos is a self taught wire artist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

He crafted his first wire pieces in 2006 and in 2011 founded Art Bending Studio. He started as a wire bender and street artist on the streets of Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Vienna and Paris. He gained national recognition as a wire artist a few years later after being invited to write articles and give interviews to several online and printed magazines, but also TV shows appearances.

To this day he has manufactured more than ten thousand wire pieces and art installations. His art has sold in Europe, Asia and U.S.A. In Romania he is considered a wire art pioneer, his art is a source of inspiration for many wire artists from all over the world.

Art Bending is all about minimalism, the philosophy is: soulful wire art for all.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Bending with Style, DVD


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Diana Hollingsworth Gessler started her career as a graphic designer in NYC and amused herself by keeping illustrated journals. Later, Algonquin Books loved the charming format of the journals and the idea of traveling through an artist’s eyes. So a series of author-illustrated travel books was born: Very California, Very Charleston, Very New Orleans, and Very Washington DC. Another book, The Sampoerna Legacy, was privately commissioned by a Chinese family to document their 100-year-old history. Diana is now recreating that same history in a series of 7 children’s books for the Sampoerna Family.

Diana is also a fine artist whose oils and watercolors have been represented by Shaw Gallery, Naples FL since 1993.

“Traveling and teaching The Art of Illustrated Journaling, makes me feel I’ve bundled all my acquired talents into a neat package that I can share with others. I’m confident that, through this gift, I’ve been able to change creative lives, ” says Diana.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Fantasy Journaling in Charleston, DVD     Fantasy Journaling in Yucatán: ¡Vaya Maya!, DVD

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Madeleine de Kemp is a self-taught mixed media artist who knew a rather late start in making art.

It wasn’t until she was over fifty when she finally ‘allowed’ herself to do so, as she calls it herself. Before that her working career went in different directions. After studying French and working for a French bank, she owned a boutique in Amsterdam, worked as a receptionist and secretary, and as marketing assistant for an international company. During the last eight years she has been working as a caterer, cooking and serving Mediterranean food, and as (for 1 year in between ) a co-owner of a deli in Amsterdam. Above all, for the past 19 years, has she been a mother of 2 wonderful daughters.

All these years she never found the time and never considered herself good enough to make art. At the age of 51 she discovered the world of ‘Zentangles’, and soon after that the magic of mixed media; she has been hooked ever since. Her interests include mixed media painting & collage, drawing & doodling, writing and, above all, art journaling.

In her hometown Hilversum, she teaches several mixed media & art journaling workshops. She sells her art and handmade art supplies thru her Etsy shop and on her own website. Currently she’s working on a new series of online (Dutch) art zines, with mixed media tips & techniques.

Madeleine’s art is very colorful and happy. For her art journaling she enjoys painting her own papers and making handmade stamps & stencils. Her favorite media: acrylic paints, paint pens, colored pencils and spray inks. Being a true ‘magazine addict’, she loves to recycle her old magazines into her art journals and mixed media art.

Now she says: “Making art and art journaling has made me so happy and my life so much richer, that I’d love to share this with other people. All around me I hear people say that they’re ‘not creative at all’, or they do not have time to make art although they’d love to , and all other excuses that I made myself in the past.” That’s why she decided to focus on art teaching and spreading the fun of making art.

With her husband and two daughters, plus a very spoiled dog and cat, Madeleine lives in Hilversum, in the centre of The Netherlands.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Magazine Magic, DVD

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Heidi Durbin is a painter living and working in Berkeley, California. She layers acrylic paint, glitter and occasionally other collage elements such as gold leaf and holographic papers in between coats of clear epoxy resin. Her work is figurative and decorative with jewel like surfaces and interesting depth. Her major influences have been decorative artists such as Hundertwasser and Raoul Duffy. Heidi studied Painting at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she received her bachelor’s degree in studio arts. She also holds a certificate in computer arts.

Heidi has shown her original paintings in galleries through out California and also showcases her work in her Etsy store, GlitterAlchemy. In addition to painting Heidi works with senior citizens leading creative therapy art groups and also free-lances in graphic design and illustration.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Coming Soon! The Alchemy of Glitter, DVD

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My name is David H. Everett. I’m a Southern California native. As far back as I can remember, I always had to have my hands in something – whether it was “Play-Doh” or finger paints, I have always had a need to create. Over the years I’ve worked in many different mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, quilt making and soft sculpture. It wasn’t until I started working in papier-maché that I really felt “at home!”

Using my background as a professional Graphic Designer, I design my creations based on the inspiration that I find in vintage toys and traditional folk art images of the past. Of course, I put my own unique and twisted touch on everything I create! The Chicken Lips studio is smack dab in the middle of 1.5 acres in a small, rural Southern California town. My chickens, goats, and a goose named Betty are a constant source of inspiration. And my faithful dog “Gus” is always by my side. I work primarily in the clay medium, sculpting each and every creation by hand (no, I do not use any moulds).

Each sculpted piece is given a primer coat of gesso, painted in acrylics, sealed, details are added in oil paints, more sealing, staining, and then sealed again. It’s a lot of work, but each piece has it’s own individual character – one that will hopefully bring a smile to your face for many years to come. Besides selling Chicken Lips here online, I also travel to several quality arts and crafts shows throughout the year.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Making a Paper Mache Pumpkin Using Creative Paperclay, DVD  Making a Day of the Dead Skeleton Using Creative Paperclay, DVD
Making a Santa Advent Calendar Using Creative Paper Clay, DVD

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Rosemary Frew began her creative journey using fiber. As a young child in England she began knitting scarves and socks at the age of 7. She discovered her intuitive use of color, fiber and texture resulted into designs and creations that were unique….. at that young age a spark flickered, a flame was lit….and a beautiful creative journey began with a passion beyond compare.

Going through the fibre spectrum to feed and nurture her creativity, Rosemary began looking at other mediums to experiment and play with. Her creativity lead her into a design world as a freelance designer for international yarn companies, and consulting work for new exciting textural yarns being created back in the 1980′s. Rosemary then began her own woolen design and export company, with an indigenous Australian design range.

As with all designers, they like to experiment with new textures (or toys as she calls them) and fields, and soon was commissioned to design quilts & patterns – a love of fabric that grew. Her love of colour and texture has led her to design embroidery and cross stitch patterns for thread companies and retail outlets.

Moving along through the years, and with work commitments receding almost into retirement, she now has more time to play, and at last she is able to spend more time in what she calls her ‘toy room’. At a Brisbane craft Quilt and Craft show, she discovered a beautiful fabric called mohair – which is a traditional fabric for making Teddy Bears – it was and still is love at first sight. What a powerful combination – texture, color and fiber all wrapped up together to give endless creative satisfaction. Bliss!

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Baby Carrot, DVD  Petite Lapin, DVD

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Joanna Grant (aka Joanna Banana) is a Canadian artist who, for the past 15 years, has been focusing on creating one-of-a-kind mixed media and collage art from recycled materials. She draws inspiration from her love of music, nature and the study of metaphysics. Bold color and heartfelt quotes are hallmarks of her work, as are unusual found objects. “If I can keep even a small amount of stuff out of our landfills and turn it into something to treasure, I feel I’m making a difference,” she says.

When not creating her fun and funky art, she enjoys travel, motorcycling and sports and divides her time between her desert homes in the Okanagan Valley (Canada) and Arizona. She is a published artist and her work is found in collections worldwide.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Gelli Jam Art Journal Workshop, DVD
Mixed Media FX: The Hottest Techniques for the Coolest Effects, DVD


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Pamela Huntington is a mixed media artist with a background in fiber arts. As her interests grew, the Connecticut Studio in her home expanded to encompass most of the first floor of her home; Encaustics in the kitchen, art journals and custom books on a big table in the main room, fiber arts in a sewing room and digital arts transformed from old images and photographs in the study. She collects vintage and antique pieces, loves to try new techniques and incorporate them into her designs. Her art has been published in many prestigious art magazines, and she has taught at art retreats nationwide. Her work is in galleries, shops and juried shows. When she is not working, Pamela is likely to be outside on her 15 acres with her dog enjoying the inspiration of the woodland.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Artful Photoshop: A Digital Dream Studio, DVD   Artful Photoshop: Playing with Pictures, DVD

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michelle lafontaine

Even as a child Michelle Lafontaine had a keen interest in design details, from jewelry to fashion to architecture, which eventually led to her pursuing a career in interior design. Her design practice currently includes designing both residential and commercial interiors. Always up for new challenges, Michelle discovered she also loved teaching the next generation of designers, developing a co-career as an educator alongside her professional interior design practice. Her strength in working out small details and combining materials, textures and color were a natural fit for jewelry design. Eventually, the desire to create jewelry could no longer be ignored, and another immensely enjoyable creative outlet was born.

As a self-taught jewelry designer, Michelle has felt free to explore different materials with wild abandon, learning the more technical aspects of jewelry design along the way. Keeping true to her modern organic style was important to Michelle, but other than that she set no boundaries as she experimented with different techniques and materials. A multitude of different materials, from bronze, silver, raw gemstones, clay, lampwork glass and oddball objects, find their way into her one of a kind pieces.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

The Designing Mind: Unleashing Your Creativity, DVD

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Hally Levesque is a doll artist, portrait photographer, history buff and former executive assistant and middle eastern dance enthusiast. However, it is doll making that was and still is her first love. Hally’s fascination with dolls began at an early age and continued into adulthood when she began to collect bisque (aka porcelain) dolls, but it wasn’t until she took classes in making reproduction bisque dolls that her passion for creating dolls took flight. It was in those classes that Hally gained valuable experience in painting, assembling and dressing dolls and found that to be a doll maker you must be all things – painter, seamstress, shoemaker and wig maker.

Over time, Hally turned her attention to making original one-of-a-kind cloth dolls. “The appeal for me was that I was making something truly my own – that from a few pieces of fabric I was creating a unique three-dimensional figure with a personality all of its own. The possibilities for costuming also appealed to me in that I was an avid reader of historical novels and thought it would be fascinating to learn more about the way women dressed long ago. It was a perfect way to combine both of my interests”. Thus began her series of historically costumed hand-sculpted cloth dolls depicting eras from the 13th to 20th centuries; each doll meticulously researched with respect to its clothing, hair styling and even its posturing. “Women from the past and particularly those of the upper classes had a different way of comporting themselves. This was due to the social mores of the time, but also in some cases they really had no choice given the constraints of the fashions of the time.”

She also enjoys the freedom of expression that doll making allows and believes that almost everyone can get good and even great results providing they are open to using their imaginations and aren’t afraid to experiment as they go along.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Bonnets & Beaus: A Regency Doll Project, DVD

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Jodi Magi is an Australian fine artist, illustrator and educator.

Originally from Perth in Western Australia, she has been living in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates since early 2012 where she teaches graphic design and illustration to Emirati women at Zayed University.

She has an innate love of ‘story’, whether it be in written, verbal or in visual form and all of her work is infused with a strong sense of narrative.

Believing that art and illustration can communicate messages and themes across languages and cultures, the power of the visual story should not be underestimated; it is just up to the artist to decide which medium best suits their skill set and what it is they want to say.

Set in atmospheric landscapes, her themes are often investigated through the eyes of animal protagonists, because they speak in universals; They compel us towards empathy whilst reflecting our collective and individual actions.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Narrative Thinking Through Collage, DVD

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The richly textured mixed media paintings of Darlene Olivia McElroy reflect the vision of an artist whose involvement with man’s primal origins, sins, and religious conflicts has developed an imagery at once sensuously primitive and startlingly sophisticated. Weaving through textural surfaces, found objects, and rich symbolism, the viewer is drawn into a visual world where color plays the role of an atmospheric veil encompassing the personal myths of the artist.

McElroy, born and raised in Southern California, is descended from an old New Mexico family of artists and storytellers. She has been deeply influenced by the summers she spent growing up on her family’s ranch in Santa Fe where the rich tapestry of Hispanic life filled the nights and brightly colored the days. She currently lives in Santa Fe where she enjoys the skies, the color and the art.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Adding to Your Art Arsenal: Surface Treatments & Image Transfers, DVD
Clay Casting: Creating Clay Molds & Armatures, DVD
Make Your Art Speak: Adding Words to Your Art, DVD   Impressionable, Incredible Clay, DVD
Metallic Hocus Pocus: Demented Ways to Work With Metal Leaf, DVD

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colleen moody

Colleen Moody is a self-taught doll artist with a love of costuming from the 1700’s to the late 1800’s. From the corset, crinoline, bustle and knickers to the hat, cape and muff, Colleen finds the fashionable style of this time intriguing and exciting. She has a growing library of books on the history of what people wore during this extravagant time. With that information and a studio filled with vintage fabrics, laces, and trims, Colleen creates her one-of-a-kind dolls. Her work has been widely published in a variety of magazines, and her work is sold on her blog and a variety of shows throughout the year.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Briley the Birdie, DVD

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diana mulder

Diana Mulder is a mixed media artist living in Southern California. She grew up in New Jersey, and attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. She has enjoyed a 20+ year career as an architectural designer.

Originally a watercolorist, she decided to explore her inner artist and discovered a love for other mediums, including acrylic, oil along with paper, burlap and plaster.​ After working as a designer for many years where precision is so important, her newfound passion for textured art and impressionistic painting has been truly liberating. And working with plaster has added yet another medium to her repertoire of skills.

She has exhibited at the Watercolor Society of San Diego gallery and the Good Earth Coffee Shop in Lake Forest, CA. Creating has been a part of her whole life and sharing her experience and knowledge through teaching others to share her passion is one of truly rewarding aspects of being an artist.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Getting Plastered, One DVD   Getting Plastered Again, DVD

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susan myers

Susan Myers is a needlework designer, known for her unique 3-dimentional counted cross-stitch patterns, many of which include her own polymer clay embellishments; as well as the beautiful, vintage-inspired Victorian Shoe Etuis that she offers. Ever enjoying the creative process, she’s felt the calling to evolve in her art exploration. Working with a variety of mediums and techniques, Susan continues her creative journey passion of fiber arts, applying her experience and skill in needlework and design to mixed media art. She feels both honored and excited to once again be given this opportunity to share what she loves as an instructor here at Artful Gathering.

Her work has appeared in Haute Handbags Autumn 2013, and also in Just Cross Stitch magazine including featured designs in JCS Nov/Dec 2010 and the 2013 JCS Halloween Collector’s Issue as well as the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 JCS Christmas Ornament Issues. Her clever use of clay gained her TNNA’s (The National Needlework Assoc.) 2012 Business Innovation Award. Before this she spent many years competing in the Oklahoma SugarArt Show where her breathtaking sugar flowers earned her invitations to write how-to articles on her creative techniques for American Cake Decorating magazine.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Counting Stitches, DVD   Victorian Shoe Etui: Variations in Style & Technique, DVD    Boite à Couture DVD

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Jacqueline Newbold’s life journey gives her a never-ending source of inspiration to represent gems of the world in her color-filled paintings. Primarily a watercolor artist, she loves to explore creative ways to incorporate mixed media into her art. Using a warm and playful color palette, Jacqueline enjoys capturing a moment in time by painting poppies reaching for the sky, dappled sunlight on a field of lavender, or the brilliance of a tropical beach.

Jacqueline teaches watercolor workshops at the Central Oregon Art Association, the Art & Soul Retreats in Portland, Oregon and CREATE in Chicago and Irvine, CA, She leads workshops in France and Italy. She has several articles published in the mixed-media magazine, Cloth-Paper-Scissors, is featured in the new Cloth, Paper Scissors Book and has a DVD about creating art while on your journey. Her self-published book, Watercolor Journeys is a helpful guide for beginning to advanced watercolor enthusiasts.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Watercolor Fun One, DVD  Watercolor Toolbox One, DVD  The Good, the Bad, and the Beauty of Color, DVD
Watercolor Toolbox Two, DVD
  Watercolor Fun Two, DVD

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judy porter

Raised in middle America in a very artistic family, Judy Porter has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. With loving parents who supported her work by always keeping an ongoing art gallery behind her dad’s chair at the dinner table, there was plenty of loving support. As the years passed there were many school awards for art. Even as a young child Judy knew she wanted to be an artist.

With the support of many loving collectors, a few more awards, several features in magazines, including one in Germany, Judy’s one of a kind ball jointed dolls have found new homes all over the world. “It’s so exciting, Judy says “to have your dolls go places I have never been. I have so enjoyed the e-mails with collectors from other countries as we work to understand our language differences, but we all understand our love of dolls”.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Out On A Whim Art Doll, DVD


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Anna Schüler lives and works as a full-time artist in a small town in Germany. She is a painter and mixed media artist, with a great love for the USA and it’s mixed media scene.

Usually abstract working she loves the figurative way too and enjoys creating Saints and Angels, which she mostly does as commission works for the church. Her work is shown in solo and group exhibitions, including Art Fairs such as the Biennale Internationale, Florenz, Italy in 2005 and the Women’s Art Museum, Bonn, Germany in 2011. Her artworks are in collections nationally and internationally.

She works as an instructor for art classes at several Academies in Germany and is teaching teaches at art retreats in the United States, at La Cascade, South of France and in Portugal at Artparadise Estoril, near Lissabon.

In 2013 her work is published in several Greecian books and the Palette Art Magazine.The self published art book “ Under Influence” is available since Sept. 2013.

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Painting is Dancing with Your Heart, DVD   My Art, My Voice: Diving Into Your Inner Spaces, DVD
Beautiful Creatures, DVD  


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riki schumacher

After retirement at an early age, Riki Schumacher began taking workshops with people whose work she connected with, giving her new and creative skills. She now gets to share her thoughts and feelings through her creations, utilizing many mixed media techniques. After over 20 years of creating artwork for a number of juried art shows and many wholesale clients, she now devotes all of her time to teaching. With teaching, she loves sharing her passion for art with people who are eager to learn, like you. That means the world to Riki. Her wish is that you are reading this because you have found your way back to art, and finally get to learn and play, fulfilling your long time passion of creating.

Riki enjoys every day of her happy life with an incredibly supportive husband and her AG cinematographer. Her official shop assistant is her darling Havanese, Maddie, her first girl dog. She feels grateful to have been published numerous times in leading craft magazines, and loves traveling to national retreats to share her skills. Another passion Riki has is traveling to Europe, primarily France, to hunt and gather treasures for her unique creations. She continues to work at learning French, finally able to order what she would like for meals!

Riki can’t wait to meet you here at Artful Gathering, or any of the national art retreats where she will be teaching. Her wish is to teach you new skills, helping to express yourself through art and fulfilling one of your passions.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

Artful Presentations Available Now:

Overcoming the Fear of Fire, DVD  Romantic Relic Frames, DVD  Sweet Tweets: A Vintage Inspired Necklace, DVD
Whimsical Teensies: Vintage Inspired Metal Ornaments, DVD  Musical Delights: Mixed Media Music Boxes, DVD

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Tina Feather Souilliard is a mixed media Artist. A Native of Lehigh Valley Pa, she is now living with her husband Steven and four precious rescue cats, Manny, Silvi, Tasha, and Amelia in the beautiful Upstate New York area. She raised to children, Megan and Medric and has two precious grandbabies, Prince Jack and Sir William.

Tina has owned stores in 3 locations over the last 8 years. She has developed a wide variety of techniques in Jewelry Making and Accessories through her youth to present day. She both designs and teaches jewelry and accessories in seed bead weaving, loom work, macramé, wire work, basic stringing, fine silver fusing, resin, crystal clay, leather riveting and wire wrapping. Tina is a certified teacher in fine silver metal clay. Tina is currently designing a new line of hat bands and boot jewelry.

Her Passion was discovered in Campfire Girls where she learned to do Indian Bead Loom work. She moved onto making macramé jewelry as other house hold items, hanging tables, baby swings, plant hangers and wall Art. She also learned to weave and sew.

In the 90’s she was involved in making Renaissance gowns and bead embellishments. She designed custom bridal jewelry and custom bridal headpieces (Crowns), and dabbled in making her own clay beads. A mother of two, full time work, and part time college Tina continued to add new skills to the trade.

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I am Luthien Thye.  Like many who discovered art at a later age in their lives, I have never been to art school nor had any formal training in art. In fact, my early education couldn’t be farther away from anything that resembled “artistic” or “creative”, unless you consider “creative book-keeping” an art form! After graduating in Accounting & Economics, I returned home to Malaysia where I so much as worked 6 hours in my dad’s company and ended up totally convinced that the 9-5 managerial job was not my cup of tea. And so I pursued my first love … the Stage.

After many years on the stage dancing, singing and making a fool of myself whilst earning decent money, I did what my heart wanted me to do next … fall in love and start a family. And although the stage will always have a special place in my heart, I am now a mother to 2 of the most amazing little girls and a wife to the most steadfast, loving and encouraging man.

When I began writing this Artist’s Profile, no words could come out because the question of “what art do I make?” kept whirling in my head and I just couldn’t pen anything down without being cliché about it. But when I finally decided that an Artist’s Profile need not be about her art, that’s when the words started to flow.

So here it is … my profile … my little journey prior to how I finally fell into the world of making things with my hands. What I make reflects my experiences in life, my emotions, my feelings about certain things, my stories and of course, the many worlds that reside in my imagination. So when I say “I make art” … it just means that I am manifesting bits and pieces of me in a more tangible form.

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Sumiyo Toribe was born in Kyoto, Japan and is the second and youngest child of Hiroshi and Shigeko Toribe. Toribe studied art throughout her education, but began painting seriously when she joined the graduate painting program at the Savanna College of Art and Design in 1996. She has been teaching art at colleges since 1999. In 2000 she married David Wackell, one of her peers from SCAD and a great lifetime teacher for her art and life. She has three children. Her works have been published in several magazines and newspapers and been featured on local television.

Most recently she has completed the art book Painting by Lyrics with lyricist Mark Stevens. Awards include the Outstanding Achievement Award (1998) and Outstanding Alumna Award (2004) from Savannah College of Art and Design and the Award of Merit from the exhibit National Art Encounter in Naples, FL. A 2010 grant from Worcester Arts Council resulted in the watercolors of exhibit Worcester Sketchbook. Toribe expresses her daily experience through watercolor, sumi ink and oil paint. She is a highly rated seller at and A YouTube channel showcases her painting process and an official webpage acts as a portal to current activity.

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Nontraditional Watercolor: Sumi Ink, White Paint, and Masking Fluid, DVD  Palette Knife Techniques in Oil, DVD

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Melissa B. Tubbs has been creating finely-detailed pen-and-ink drawings of architectural subjects for 21 years. Her works document buildings and their ornamentation in order to preserve them for future generations. She is a firm believer in the proverb “The wise man preserves that which he values and celebrates that which he preserves.” Form, line, and light have more emphasis in black and white, perfect for rendering architectural elements. She is interested in conveying the depth created by the contrast of bright light and cast shadows. The woodcuts of Albrecht Durer and the wood engravings of Barry Moser have influenced her pen-and-ink work.

Melissa’s father was a pilot in the Air Force and moving every three years exposed her to many interesting places. She has always created art, but it wasn’t until her sister asked her to create a pen-and-ink drawing of her father-in-law’s house for a Christmas present that she discovered her love of architecture as subject matter. While the pen-and-ink medium is self-taught, Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Design from Auburn University in Auburn, AL. She has been a full-time artist for 16 years. Her work has been shown throughout the United States and has led to commissions from organizations as well as private commissions.


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Joshua Werner is an artist of multiple talents; he is a professional designer, illustrator, graphic artist, published author, and actor. He does artwork for bands, movies, books, trading cards, comics, and more through his freelance design company As Fall Leaves Illustration. His uniquely styled paintings have been on display in multiple galleries, and can often be found adorning a multitude of products. Josh is the artist for the ongoing comic book series “Jack of Spades” from Source Point Press. He’s worked on such popular characters and licensed properties as Vampirella (Dynamite Comics), Deadworld (IDW Comics), Transformers (Hasbro/Paramount/Michael Bay), Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, War of the Worlds, Warlord of Mars (Dynamite Comics), Night of the Living Dead (official trading card set for George Romero), The Wicker Man, Doctor Who, and others. He’s done editing, writing, and/or cover artwork and illustration/design on several published book titles, including Alter Egos Volume 1, Alter Egos Volume 2, Feast of the Dead, Feast of the Dead: Hors’ D’oeuvres, A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore, and his own novella Rampant as well as his book of horror stories Adoration for the Dead: Tales of Insanity and Terror. He most recently finished motion-comic artwork for the recently released app-based video game “Zombie Rush” and concept art and set design for the upcoming horror movie “Mimesis 2.” He is currently doing freelance artwork for Marvel Studios. Josh resides in the state of Michigan with his family and dogs and enjoys books, comics, classic films, retro videogames, and traveling.

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Portraiture: Exploring Mixed Media, DVD

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