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Where Art and Artists Meet

mary jane chadbourne_edited-1You have the heart of an artist. The way you see and touch the world is personal, unique to you. Your wishes, your dreams; the people and things you care about most; the things you most enjoy. You experience the world the way you know it, you express it the way you feel.

The heart of an artist is fragile even while its passion is strong.

Each and every year, you amaze us. Our attendees, our students, our friends. We take such pride in your projects, we applaud your progress and celebrate your joy. You have always been an artist, you’ve just been too afraid to say it.

Artful Gathering gives you the heart to say, “I am an artist.”


Artful Instruction

annaOur Artful Instructors are selected from the most talented and diverse artistic voices around the world. But it takes more than talent to share their gifts with aspiring Artful Gathering students; it takes dedication, caring and endless enthusiasm. It takes a love for artistic expression, a love for the art.




Artful Gathering is For YOU if…

✓ You have always wanted to follow your heart and discover where your artistic leanings lead you.

✓ You want to be introduced to all the possible art forms that are available to you.

✓ You want to learn popular art techniques from working artists rather than from product marketing brochures, demonstrations and public relations promotions.

✓ You want to learn from amazing artists but don’t want the inconvenience and expense of travel.

✓ You want more than a few days to complete your artwork and not be rushed by someone
else’s time constraints or deadlines.

✓ You want the ability to refer back to a particular step or process (on the DVD) to fix, change or enhance your work before sharing with instructors and classmates.

✓ You want to be able to ask the instructors questions…and get timely answers.

✓ You want the opportunity to purchase the DVDs of the workshops you have completed so you can savor the instruction – or review it for nuances you might have missed.

✓ You want the opportunity to purchase the DVD version of workshops you have not yet taken – your own library of the most popular, unique art forms and mediums.

✓ You want the flexibility to step in and out of class to suit your schedule, your time preferences and your lifestyle.

✓ You want to be a part of a warm, creative, artistic community where you can nurture and be nurtured by people who understand and share your passion and your commitment.

✓ You want online art retreat classes and events created from years of proven experience in online art workshop development and presentations.

✓ You want to learn the best from the best.


 We Love our Students; Hear How They Love Us Back!

The instructors are wonderful and the variety of classes is first class. Surprisingly, they aren’t as expensive as other website classes… It’s like having the instructor right there. Awesome experience. Shelley Burnette

I loved the perfect communication at AG. The ability to contact the instructor, your fellow students and even the Director! I also treasure the friendships, camaraderie and support…Anne Spireman

I love the imaginative presentation and the inspiration. It was such a warm and encouraging place…Diane Lulken

Top rate instructors…easy to navigate. The best on-line workshop I’ve ever experienced. Mia Stoddard

Artful Gathering gives me an amazing opportunity to study under my favourite teachers in a festival atmosphere…For those of us who are geographically challenged ( I live in Australia) this is magic! Cara Letho

I love that I can work on my own time and that the artists are here in my Kitchen teaching me the most amazing things while I sip coffee in my comfy jammies. Cheyanne James

I loved, loved, loved my class with Mary Jane …I cannot tell you how thankful I am to continue my education at a higher level and with such quality instructors…The hard part was deciding what class to take! Jeanne Draachreider

This is THE place to access an incredible variety of quality instruction at your own pace right in your own space… with recognized artists at an amazingly affordable price. In my book, it doesn’t get any better than this! Gloria Stafford

We are honored by the comments and reviews of our students. And we are committed to continuing to earn them. Please click here to read more.

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