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You don’t have to travel far to get away!

You really want to take art workshops with your favorite instructors, because you know how much fun you’re going to have once you dig in with messy fingers and all your favorite art materials scattered around your table! You know it would be such a blast to get away from the noise of every day life and break out of the box you feel you’re stuck in, and you want to try something new, something different and mind blowing! How do you make it happen? The distance might be too far away to travel to, you might want to put your travel dollars into art supplies, and maybe sometimes it’s just a lot more fun to create in the comfort of your own home studio where you can relax and enjoy creating on your own time schedule.


An artist’s own studio is a very comfortable place to create!

 Online Art Retreat Excellence!

Artful Gathering leads the way in art retreat excellence, and with the support of our amazing faculty and loyal attendees, we proudly present our events for world-wide enjoyment and countless hours of creativity and inspiration. Our instructors represent countries from different parts of the globe, with their own unique methods of teaching and creating. We joyfully welcome attendees from anywhere the internet is and where you have a fast computer to log into! Traveling to an Artful Gathering Art Retreat is easy, and you don’t have to pack your suitcase to spend time with us.
teacher again Artful Gathering Instructors

Is Artful Gathering for me?

To find out, see if any of these Artful Gathering benefits work for you:

✓ I want to learn from amazing artists but I don’t want the travel expenditure.

✓ I want to learn popular art techniques and processes from working artists and professionals.

✓ I want to learn from the artisan’s perspective and approach rather than a product marketing point of view.

✓ I want more than a few days to complete my artwork so that I am not rushed.

✓ I want the convenience of referring back to a step or process so that I can have some application time before sharing with my instructor and classmates.

✓ I want to be able to ask my instructor questions.

✓ I want to have the opportunity to purchase the DVD version of the workshops I take.

✓ I want the flexibility to step in and out of class to suit my busy schedule.

✓ I want an online art retreat experience that comes from years of experience in online art workshop presentations.

Artful Gathering is an online art retreat!

We are not a year round teaching site. The synergy involved in coordinating the schedules of busy working artists so they can present their classes for our event is truly a labor of love for us. And, Artful Gathering instructors rarely do online classes throughout the year! Many teach at live events and physical art retreats. Some are published, some own studios of their own where they create and teach. As authentic real world artists, instructors, and designers, what they teach comes from years of hands on experience, trial and error, practice and passion. They love what they do, and love sharing their classroom time with their students!

Don’t miss out on joining us for another wonderful year of creativity!

Exclusive DVDs Yearbook News

Each and every year our attendees amaze us all. We love to see your finished class projects and to applaud your progress and your enjoyment. Whatever medium you enjoy working in, there is just so much to learn and do at Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats. Here are just some of the things you’ve said in our most recent surveys. What do you like best about Artful Gathering Online Events?

“The passion and the kindness which livens up all the actors of AG. High quality of listening and sharing!”

“I loved the perfect communication aspect. This includes ability to contact the instructor, fellow students and also the director. This solidifies the learning process.
I also treasure the friendships, camaraderie and support. May I also add that the class offerings are wide.
So, I had the opportunity to sign up for another class that was totally different.”

“The fellowship and encouragement from fellow artists and teachers.”

“I love the imaginative presentation and the inspiration. It feels such a warm and encouraging place to be.
I feel like an individual student and not just one of a number.”

We thank ALL of our amazing attendees for your enormous support of our event and as we continue to listen to you, our valued attendees and friends, we are excited to grow each year presenting more new artists, exciting new art genres, quality presentations and DVD productions.