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Jodi Magi

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Artful Gathering 2015 Online Retreat Schedule

Each year, we present to you new artists of all different backgrounds and artistic voices. Our returning faculty enjoy creating new workshops for you every year, and as we invite new presenters to join us we celebrate the diversity of each individual voice.

 We Love Our Attendees

Each and every year our attendees amaze us all. We love to see your finished class projects and to applaud your progress and your enjoyment. Whatever medium you enjoy working in, there is just so much to learn and do at Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats. Here are just some of the things you’ve said in our most recent surveys.

Featured Sneak Peeks Into Artful Gathering 2015

What do you like best about Artful Gathering Online Events?

“The passion and the kindness which livens up all the actors of AG. High quality of listening and sharing!”

“I loved the perfect communication aspect. This includes ability to contact the instructor, fellow students and also the director. This solidifies the learning process.
I also treasure the friendships, camaraderie and support. May I also add that the class offerings are wide.
So, I had the opportunity to sign up for another class that was totally different.”

“The fellowship and encouragement from fellow artists and teachers.”

“I love the imaginative presentation and the inspiration. It feels such a warm and encouraging place to be.
I feel like an individual student and not just one of a number.”

Is Artful Gathering For Me?

✓ I want to learn from amazing artists but I don’t want the travel expenditure.

✓ I want to learn popular art techniques and processes from working artists and professionals.

✓ I want to learn from the artisan’s perspective and approach rather than a product marketing point of view.

✓ I want more than a few days to complete my artwork so that I am not rushed.

✓ I want the convenience of referring back to a step or process so that I can have some application time before sharing with my instructor and classmates.

✓ I want to be able to ask my instructor questions.

✓ I want to have the opportunity to purchase the DVD version of the workshops I take.

✓ I want the flexibility to step in and out of class to suit my busy schedule.

✓ I want an online art retreat experience that comes from years of experience in online art workshop presentations.


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